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NYCC schedule for things

Hello!! Right about now I am in the early stages of madness, as I am working aaaaall thru the weekend in order to allow myself to attend the New York ComiCon next week in the US of A!

Many of you have requested sketches, and these will be done in the days post-deadline but pre-con, and you will need to know where I am in order to collect them. Some of you may want to get items signed/desecrated by me, or maybe u just want to stand near me and bask in my glory. A few might even want to have a picture taken, or sing songs about how amazing I look with my new 5 day old beard and dazed confused look.

So to facilitate this, I am posting my signing schedule for the convention. The information is pretty basic, but I’m only going to be at 2 booths so it shouldn’t be so hard to find them.

Thursday 11th I’ll be at the DC booth from 3-4 pm

Friday 12th I’ll be at the DC booth from 12-1 pm (with Grant morrison, if that helps tempt ye) and after that I’ll be at the 2000AD booth from 2-4 pm (apparently the artists have to do 2 hours, whilst writers only get one. Hmmmm)

On Saturday 13th I’ll be at the 2000AD panel (this will be in room 1A07 if that helps) from 2.45-3.45 pm and you can pick up sketches from me there if you’re willing to hang around at the end.

So: not a particularly busy con for me this time! Hang on, they’re always like that.

Anyone who has ordered a doodle and finds their schedule conflicting with these times (attending a cosplay strip show, taking notes on an Adam Hughes how-to-use-potatoshop lecture etc) well u need to email me again and I’ll see if I can loiter at the 2000AD or DC booths at a set time. Maybe if you all show up at once we can have a little sketch party.

Right, dinner is cooking, I need art-fuel for the evening. Be good, see you in New York!

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