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Happy Olympics Friday! To celebrate this occasion I am drawing pages for Batman Incorporated issue Zero and drinking tea. That’s right, I’m not really one for sports (although I do like Tennis, and gymnastics is always fun to watch especially the really amazing stuff where they leap and hop and twist and bounce like Spiderman/Spiderwoman) and I’m definitely not one for gratuitous corporate whoring of noble international sporting events, so tonight I’m doodling whilst that all happens down the road from me.

These pages from Frankie are among my faves, partially because the line has a confidence that some other sequences lacked, and also because I felt I nailed the drama of the scene quite tightly. Here we see Victor building a girlfriend for the Monster, and then he tears it apart when his overactive paranoid brain invents a future where the two creatures would take over the world.

It is this point in the story that I lost all sympathy for Victor. When I read the book it seemed quite plain to me that the Monster did really just want someone like him to share the mornings with, the dance among daisies, soak in the crystal streams of northern Europe, to roll around with all naked under the moonlight and whisper sweet promises stolen from whatever romantic fiction they would discover on their travels. He had been introduced to the idea of a partner with his birth (and then deserted instantly because Victor is a snivelling cowardly git) and then this idea had been expanded upon with each encounter with people afterwards, until he had adopted this notion of husband/wife, much in the same way kids emulate their parents. There was almost no chance that these two misfits would ever manage to do the things Victor imagined.

After Victor tears the lady apart, he once again flees like a coward. I used the same pose that I used the first time he fled from the Monster, echoing his recurring reluctance to accept his responsibility. Remember artists, repetition is your friend. 

I often wonder if Mary Shelley ever wrote a secret companion peice for Frankenstein, a fanfic of what would happen if Victor hadn’t been such a dick about the Monster’s lady friend. I’m half tempted to do one myself actually…

Now tea, then back to the Batman.

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