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In order to get some knowledge on the period the story was set in, I bought a DVD of “Amadeus”, the fictionalised account of the life of Mozart. I knew the periods were roughly the same, plus movie costume and set design is normally quite thorough in period dramas and I knew that would save me a lot of hassle. After all, why google images of fashions from the period when I can just watch a movie? I’m not so fastidious about the details in an adaptation like this, as long as it captures the essense of the time and doesn’t make any glaring errors.

So I extend my thanks to all set and costume designers for all their work on all movies. By putting so much effort into your work you are helping me shave a good hour or so off mine, and that’s important when one has to churn out 70 pages in 10 days.

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  3. dangoldman said: 70 pages in 10 days? Seriously? You’re an ANIMAL. My record (thus far) was 36 pages in 10 days and that was nonstop, sleeping only 90min disco naps on studio couch. I have no intention of ever trying to best it.
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