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I have a strange super-power. I discovered this whilst working on these very pages. Some would be envious of this ability, others would dread it.

I can draw whilst sleeping.

Fiction? Hyperbole? Nonsense? Nope. What u see in these pages is at least 3 panels which were drawn whilst I nodded off at my computer (was it the monotony of the art? Who knows) and when I jolted awake again the panels had been completed. Since then this has happened quite a few times, although the results vary. One time whilst drawing a Fantastic 4 annual I gave Thor-wings to the heads of several molemen, which later had to be corrected. I once drew Wolverine in a Judge Dredd strip, then erased him. I gave characters multiple arms, mouths bigger than their heads, and on one occasion I drew Batman in a thong.

A good head shrink would probably tell you all manner of interesting things about this, but none of it is news to me. I try to use my super power sparingly tho, for I can’t be doing with the endless corrections removing tails, wings, and genitalia from my pages because that’s just too much hard work. I also have no control over this power. I start nodding off mid panel and try as I might I cannot resist it…then I jolt awake to see that I continued drawing for a good few minutes, considering composition and form and line just as I would if I were awake.

I haven’t sorted out my costume yet, but i know it won’t have a cape. Capes are dangerous.

Och, I’m feeling snoozy…hmm, best get drawing then, see what else my subconcious divvies up…

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