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Taking a break from the evening’s work, amidst the dust of bathroom renovation (first time that place has seen any proper maintenance in 45 years apparently), I am bringing you my latest chunk of Frankie pages. See? I’m as regular as a bowl of Oat Bran.

What I see when I look at this batch is that I was clearly very into drawing the Monster, sometimes at the expense of the surrounding elements. I had developed a system of marks to describe his form, marks that not only rendered light and shape but also resonated with his tormented soul (that’s how I see it anyway) layered on thick shadows that echo his murky origins. This was quite seductive, and I recall being very happy when drtawing him, and not so happy when drawing some of the more transient elements such as those clumsy flashbacks.

This remains true to this day. Many times I’ve been stuck with a page that has an element that will appear only once, and I have to balance how much time it would take to get familiar with it in order to give it equal weight as the regular characters, with the time I have to actually draw it. I can see each and every one of those less-than-awesome drawings in all the pages I have drawn over the past few years, tho I’ve been getting better at achieving that balance recently.

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