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Today the Olympic torch passed thru Ilford, and I am happy to say that I was very far away from it at the time, tucked away on the top floor of Irving Towers. Humbug you say? Yes. It’s really not my thing. Far better to be making Art and stuff. Which leads me to the latest Frankie pages. My gosh, it seems to go on forever doesn’t it? 144 pages I made for that story.

Given the developments of screen resolutions and software strength since I drew this book I am a little horrified at how broad the brush strokes seem, and how clumsy a lot of the painting appears. When I drew this, I was working on my 17 inch Powerbook (were they called that back in 2004? I think so) with an A4 wacom intuous tablet. Screens that size inhibit the creative process somewhat, which explains why so few artists at the time were doing fully digital work compared to now with our fancy shmancy retina displays and Cintiqs which if anything cause us to add too much detail instead. But I can forgive the crudeness of the art here, as it is very representative of what was going on in the scene at that time.

What would it look like if I redrew the whole thing now tho? Hey, isn’t Frankenstein in the public domain….?

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