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Today’s dish of Frankenstein is here. 8 pages a day should get this lot cleared in no time, but I will post other stuff inbetween just to keep the colours up.

What the eagle-eyed may spot regarding these pages is the panel borders. Because the book is told from 3 different viewpoints, I decided the shape and nature of the borders would be the signifier of these different viewpoints: it works on a subconcious level so it doesn’t intrude with the reading in the same way as a blatant colour change or drastic shift in illustrative style (tho all of these things can and do work very well in different contexts) which is exactly what this book needed, as they were apparently selling it to younger readers who had little or no experience of advanced comics. 

This simplicity of visual grammar also dictated the number and shape/arrangement of panels on the page. Too often I see comics that are aimed at new readers being filled with complex meta-panels, swooshing polyrhythmic spreads, cultural and artistic nods to historical works etc, and I think the thing to focus on for that audience is the simplicity of reading instead of the dumbing-down of the subject matter /RANT/ 

Hence my approach to this book. I still have no idea how well it went down tho. maybe they all hated it…? ¬_¬

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    Jesus, there are more of these?! Someone finally gets how to visualize my favorite novel and is making an entire comic...
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