Doodles, scribbles and misc art stuff from Frazer Irving, International Comicbook Rockstar.

Well, this is my first time using photosets on Tumblr. Not entirely sure if it works that well for me, but it does do the job of posting lots of things well. 

As promised yesterday, here’s the cover and first 7 pages from my adaptation of Frankenstein from like 2004 or something (many of you reading this would have actually been the target audience at the time, believe it or not). I say “my” adaptation as it contains only my contribution: the writer who worked the text into the final product, one mister Gary Reed, did all of that stuff after I made these pages, hence why I refer to it thusly. 

Things to look out for: quality and style of art jumping about wildly. Is this inconsistency or an actual part of the narrative method? You be the judge.

I’ll post more each day for those who are interested. It’ll be cathartic for me to release these pages actually…

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